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April 9, 2018

Strawberry Field Adventures

Every morning I wake up and see the sleepy expressions on my babies faces, my heart overflows with joy, gratitude and love for these beautiful days. I can’t believe how quickly their vocabulary is building, their chubby cheeks are thinning and their stature is heightening! This mama’s heart desperately wants to enjoy every single minute of their childhood…but life, is well life. Busy, stressful, hectic and overwhelming! So we did a thing…we went strawberry picking!

And guess what…we went on an adventure. My baby girl got car sick on the way there! We stopped, cleaned everything up and praise God, I had a dress I was getting rid of that I tied up in the back and it fit just fine! We were determined to enjoy a day out together! And guys, she actually looked so adorable in that lace dress in the strawberry field! Red strawberry juice dripping all over her and all! Life is messy, but it is not the end of the world.

Can you tell that they ate more than they picked?? Because yeah…it showed up in his diapers later! hahah!

Thankfully we went to the back of the fields and we were pretty much by ourselves! It was so refreshing to allow the children to go up and down the rows, picking and eating to their hearts desire. They had so much fun!

My husband is constantly telling me that memories are kept in your head/heart not on my camera, but I know that I do not have the greatest memory. I also know that I am a very visual person, so I brought my camera and spent 10 minutes capturing this wonderful adventure we had. Then and only then, I tucked my camera away and made memories with them. Kerri talked my ear off while Seth kept his mouth too full for words to be scarcely understandable! That’s my boy…a foodie!

How did you make memories with your little’s today? <3 I’ll be documenting more adventures here soon because we went to a friends farm!

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