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April 28, 2018

Myerly Family

Family portrait sessions are truly close to my heart as I have my own sweet little family and it is just beautiful to see the love and unique story each family is experiencing God writing for them.

I met this lovely family when attending West Gate Baptist in Tampa! Christina and I immediately hit it off when we started talking about homeschooling, children, and writing! She is such a talented writer and I cannot wait until one of her books become published. When I heard that God was leading them to start a new journey in Texas, I knew I had to get them in front of my camera before they left the Tampa area. We met up and had a wonderful time creating some beautiful portraits of their sweet family. I’m so thrilled to see this young family serving the Lord, following His leading and raising such adorable children!

We are looking forward to their Tampa visits and we miss them greatly!

Aren’t they so adorable?! Little Gideon is definitely a mama’s boy! Sweet Eliana is sooo smart and energetic! She’s going places!

As a talented writer, Christina is always posting funnies her children say, and I absolutely love it! It reminds me of my own hilarious moments with my children! Keep them coming, lady! 🙂

One last little thing, Jared proposed to Christina in THIS very park year ago!!! Philippe Park!!! Now they are very happily married with two amazing children! What a beautiful story, God writes for us when we follow His plan for our lives! It was SUCH an honor to capture these moments! Looking forward to future visits from this lovely family!

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