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May 15, 2018

James & Shondell’s Wedding Part 1

I was introduced to lovely Shondell by her mother who had researched photographers and set up a meeting with me. I was ecstatic when Shondell booked me because she said “Talking with you about my wedding made me excited!” I hope this is true for all of #worksofwonderbrides because your wedding day is a once in a lifetime celebration! I want to tell every single little detail of your beautiful story with pictures, which is why I’ll be there for you throughout the entire day, I promise!

Originally, James and Shondell were planning on getting married in a church and having the reception in the fellowship hall, but God had something special in mind for them! A couple of weeks before the wedding, Shondell called me in tears, and in between giving praise to God and how He was working everything out  for their special day, she informed me that she had the opportunity to have the ceremony and reception at a gorgeous resort and spa! God worked it out where they reduced the price and they had a breathtaking background to all of their wedding day events!

Shondell, her girls, mom, and friend used the spa portion of the resort to get ready for the wedding, and it was a spectacular background! If any brides are looking into Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, I would definitely recommend them! Professional, friendly, and such a lovely place to capture your preparations for the big day!

James and Shondell joined families, two boys and two girls! Aren’t they so perfect?! It was so sweet capturing the fun everyone had getting ready together!

Throughout the day, I could see God’s peace surrounding Shondell. She didn’t cease to give God the glory for all He had done for her. Honestly, it brought conviction to my heart, knowing I do not give glory to God ENOUGH. I’m so thankful for a bride that remembers Who made it all happen for her!

These are the moments that will be cherished forever!

James and Shondell had a beautiful outdoor ceremony under the most romantic tree and by a beautiful fountain. Shondell surprised James by arriving from behind the fountain, opposite of the way everyone was assuming she would come. It was a sweet surprise and she was a dream to behold!

Shondell looked every bit like a true life princess on  her wedding day, and James was the perfect protective and loving prince!

Part 2…coming soon!! First Dances and Golden Hour couple session!!! My favorites! <3

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