I was introduced to lovely Shondell by her mother who had researched photographers and set up a meeting with me. I was ecstatic when Shondell booked me because she said “Talking with you about my wedding made me excited!” I hope this is true for all of #worksofwonderbrides because your wedding day is a once […]

Family portrait sessions are truly close to my heart as I have my own sweet little family and it is just beautiful to see the love and unique story each family is experiencing God writing for them. I met this lovely family when attending West Gate Baptist in Tampa! Christina and I immediately hit it […]

Every morning I wake up and see the sleepy expressions on my babies faces, my heart overflows with joy, gratitude and love for these beautiful days. I can’t believe how quickly their vocabulary is building, their chubby cheeks are thinning and their stature is heightening! This mama’s heart desperately wants to enjoy every single minute […]

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